Kim Jong Moon signs an exclusive contract with JYP Entertainment

Actor Kim Jong Moon is now under the same agency as 2PM and Miss A.

On March 31st, JYP Entertainment announced that they have signed an exclusive contract with rookie actor Kim Jong Moon.

Kim Jong Moon made his debut in 2011musical drama 'What's Up?' in which he beated out 10,000 participants during the drama audition. He also attracted much attention as he starred alongside Lee Min Ho in 2012 SBS's drama 'Faith'.

After 'Faith' ended, he made his military enlistment and discharged in 2014. Following his discharge, he decided to continue his career under JYP Entertainment.

JYP Entertainment stated,"Kim Jong Moon has a solid acting and unique mask for a rookie actor. We saw his potential grow in the future and decided to sign with him. He not only acts well but also has talents in singing and dancing. He will be active in various genres. He will become a competitive actor of the new generation using the company's resources and networking".

Orther actors belong to JYP Entertainment are Min Hyo Rin, Lee Jung Jin, Choi Woo Shik and Song Ha Yoon.