Journalist makes rubbish Minah article

An article about Minah is up on Nate's trending photo stream.

However the content is not even as relevant as what you expect. The journalist apparently writes 'what's the stain on her costume claiming that questions arise among netizens'.

The photo that was screen captured shows Minah performing her song on M!Countdown. However, the journalist targets and even circles the unnecessary mark spotted on her costume. The article also gives examples of netizens' questions stating "Did Minah spill water?" and also "Did she spray perfume before her stage?".

In contrary to that, the top comments on the said article seems to be targeting the journalist rather than questioning Minah, such as follow:

[+266, -14] Seems like the journalist is the only one who's curious so puts up an article like this

[+248, -13] She apparently spilled the water when drank right ㅡwhat do you even want...ㅡㅡ

[+246, -15] What the.. is this how you make an article by putting a red circle like this?