It might not be Big Bang...again

You might be getting too excited for YG's Who's Next teasers recently dating their next artist's comeback in April.

However, better not get your hopes up, especially VIPs, since news are floating around this morning that popular hip hop duo Jinusean are making a comeback after 11 years with new single and in fact, the MV is currently being filmed.

The duo released their 4th and most recent album 'Norabosae' in 2004 making it 11 years hiatus. In relation to that, YG has been teasing an April 1 comeback and it does make sense that it could be Jinusean since they are plotting an April comeback and everything is set.

However, YG dismisses this and responds, "Jinusean comeback on April 1? Nothing has been decided." Thus we can't still sit, relax and expect something until proper teaser of their April 1 comeback is unveiled.

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