Henry's wife Yewon is criticized for rude behavior

Yewon, who is currently appearing on 'We Got Married' as Henry's virtual wife is under fire for her rude behavior towards Lee Tae Im.

The issue earlier revealed that Yewon was the victim of Lee Tae Im's outburst during the filming of MBC's "Tutoring Across Generations" where she yelled and cursed at Yewon, Star Empire stated that  Lee Tae Im must misunderstood Yewon in that situation.

However, when the things are ending down with Lee Tae Im's apology forgiven by Yewon, a leaked video of the particular scene is uploaded showing otherwise. In the clip, Yewon was speaking informally and glaring at Lee Tae Im, causing the latter's anger to outburst.

Netizens divert their sympathy and commented, "That was rude to speak informally to a senior you've just met.","Yewon is really glaring at her.","Now I see where Lee Tae Im is coming.","She might overreacted but that's not for no reason."