Happy birthday to UKISS's Soohyun

Name: Shin Soo Hyun
Date of Birth: March 11, 1989
Place of birth: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Label: NH Media
Group: UKISS
Position: Main Vocalist, Leader
Blood Type: A
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Family: Parents, older sister and younger sister
Religion: Christian
Specialities: R&B, dance, soccer, piano
Hobbies: Listening to music, exercising, playing on the computer
Official twitter: @ukissSH

- He was trainee in JYP and Good Entertainment
- Soohyun was appointed leader in March 2011. U-KISS did not have a leader until the 0330 comeback. He’s the power vocal of the group and is known for his caring nature.  
-He used to be a soccer player