Happy birthday to AOA's Choa

Birth Name: Park Cho Ah
Angel Name: Choaya
Stage Name: Choa
Birthday: March 6, 1990
Label: FNC Music
Group: AOA
Position: Main Vocalist, Guitarist, Dancer
Height: 160 cm (5'2")
Weight: 42 kg (92 lbs)

Always dream to become a singer since she was a kid.
In high school, she practice singing alone at night and went to auditions. Failed her auditions many times but she didn’t give up.
She wanted to apply music major in university but her conservative father was hoping for her to get a normal job. So she unwillingly enrolled in Aviation Business Administration in Inha Technical College
One day she bumped into JUNIEL and she told Choa about FNC audition for their girl group, AOA.
Her parents opposed her dream to become a singer but then gave her the permission since she’s most likely to inherit from her mom who was majored in piano.
Appeared in High School Musical as Gabriella.
Have played guitar 3 years.