FT Island is the first idol group to launch a 19+ rated reality show

FT Island becomes the first idol group to have their own 19+ rated reality show.

The group's upcoming reality show 'Coming Out! FT ISLAND', which will be premiered on SBS MTV on April 7th at 11 PM KST, has been deemed the 19+ rating.

A rep of SBS MTV said,"Since 'Coming Out!' will be the first idol 19+ rated reality show, we will launch a party where the fans can enjoy drinking beer with their group. More details regarding the beer party will be announced through SBS MTV official Twitter".

The rep continued,"FT Island is famous for their honesty, but we were surprised to hear shocking statements from them even in front of the camera. Through this  program, we would like to show all of this free-spirited side of theirs".

'Coming Out! FT ISLAND' will be the group's first reality show in 9 years.