Davichi to comeback with a digital single 'Two Love' written by 'Some' composer

Davichi has been confirmed to be releasing a digital single 'Two Love' (unofficial translated title) on March 18. However, the female duo is not going to do promotional activities.

According to their agency in a telephone call with heraldpop.com, "It's right that Davichi are releasing a digital single. However, there are no plans for broadcast activities."

One line lyrics is also revealed 'My two love is deeper than one', which raises curiosity what the song's concept is going to be. The track is a medium-tempo with a hip hop base which is totally different to Davichi's usual sad love songs.

Moreover, the song is composed by Xepy, the lyricist behind the hit song 'Some' by Soyu and Jung GiGo.  In addition to that, the agency also reveals that Davichi has recorded their music video in Hong Kong and the single will be released at the end of the month. Meanwhile, Davichi released their mini album 'Davichi Hug' in January this year.

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