Crayon Pop's Choa to make her musical debut in 'Princess Deokhye'

Crayon Pop's Choa will take her first challenge as a musical actress in upcoming musical 'Princess Deokhye'.

Chrome Entertainment revealed on March 3rd,"'Princess Deokhye' will be launched in celebration of South Korea's 70th Anniversary of Independence. Choa has been casted to play double role of Deokhye and Junghye".

'Princess Deokhye' will focus on Deokhye, the last princess of Korean Empire and her trafic family story. Choa shared her thought,"I have always dreamed of becoming a musical actress who can both sings and acts at the same time, and I'm very happy to have the opportunity to enthusiastically play in a musical. Since this is my first musical challenge, I will work hard and do my best".

'Princess Deokhye' will be shown at SH Art Hall in Seoul from April 3rd to June 28th.