Crayon Pop is back to save the world (first live)

Crayon Pop draws much interest with their Power Rangers themed comeback track, the girls are yet to perform the song on music shows in Korea but US fans already had a glimpse of the choreography of their upcoming title song 'FM'.

The girls performed at the Elysium in Texas on 19th March, they received warm welcome from fans attending the concert, check out the video below:

Netizens' Comments
1. Crayon Pop is back and WILL save K-Pop!

2. Boring...if they are going to keep going with this gimmicky choreo/styling the song could at least be interesting.

3. My god...this might be the catchiest tune I have ever had the pleasure of hearing..

4. My is life is better for Crayon Pop!!!!

5. Soyul is back to Rap yo!!!