Coffee prince becomes a cosmetic model

Oh yes! We're talking about the hottest 'Coffee Prince' we've known and he's none other than actor Gong Yoo!

I know you miss him so much and most of us have lost track of him since the drama but guess we're not gonna be missing him anymore since he's been appointed as the new male model of your favorite cosmetic brand 'The Body Shop' (yes, he's apparently replacing Hyun Bin). He's masculine and undeniably handsome but those aren't just the brand's qualifications for choosing Gong Yoo.

He has the talent and passion for his craft as an actor. Shall I emphasize that 'The Body Shop' also describes him as a person with an overwhelming social values? Now that's a PLUS!

This actor who's actually in his mid-thirties basically knows how to prevent aging in time. Look at his clean and masculine image in the newly-released promotional photos of 'The Body Shop'? Don't you want to see more of these in your favorite stalls especially that he's doing pictorials and CF for the White Musk series? Better get one  as soon as he starts promotional activities in April!