CLC's successful debut, but Pepe has various hidden meanings?

Cube Entertainment's new female group CLC released the full MV of their debut track titled 'Pepe'. The group managed to capture my attention with their unique charm and catchy choreography, since i'm a huge fan of female groups, i can tell that the girls have that sexy + cute vibes.



But what brought me into the MV is actually the title of the song, for your information, i have been a football fans since 8, so i thought that it's a song dedicated to Real Madrid's defender Pepe

Madrid's defender Pepe

Then i discovered comments from Philippines fans stating that Pinoy will love they song very much especially, so i decided to Google and found out the meaning behind this word, well nevertheless i have been replaying this song for like more than 50 times today, the girls' debut is good, totally anticipating their future as the new generation female groups alongside Red Velvet and JYP's upcoming female group!