[Breaking] Member of rookie boy group ZEST accused of sexual assault

A member of rookie boy group ZEST (A), is accused of sexual assault by 20 years old woman (B).

A news coverage of YTN News reported their blind item that A is sued. According to the report, A and B first met on November last year along with their acquaintances. Two days later, the two met again and B claimed this was when A sexually assaulted her. B stated further that 6 days later after the first assault, A went to her house to apologize but attempted to rape her once again.

It is also revealed that A's father threatened B not to report but rather settle the case among themselves or else they would sue her for defamation.

Currently, B is receiving psychiatric treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station, B reported the case on February 27 and has finished giving her statement and the police are summoning A next.

Meanwhile, A's agency denied B's claims and stated that it is groundless and B is telling situation that never even happened. Although, reports didn't name a particular idol group member, the hints are pointing to rookie boy group ZEST.