An open letter to DKPOPNEWS' readers

Yeah, many might question me, why do you name this as a letter instead of post, it's not that i'm tired of writing posts, it's simply because a letter sounds more sincere, a letter to apologize to all DKPOPNEWS' readers.

Downs in life
I have been dealing with downs in life for the past 12 months, to be exact 11, making poor decisions, lacking ability to think with logical mind, not working hard enough updating posts, then i started to neglect the important aspects in my life, i paid little or no attention to DKPOPNEWS which i feel so sorry to loyal readers who have been supporting us since 2009.

New beginning
However, after listening to emotional Chinese ballad songs for months, my so called self-treating depression method which is proven to be ineffective, instead making things worse, my old friend KPop embraces me with open heart. I started to listen to some upbeat tracks, have been a fan of female groups all this while, Lovelyz, CLC, Minah, Red Velvet, BerryGood, 4Minute and more, i managed to recover from the painful experience. Sending the downs away, it's time to welcome the ups!

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Simple Template
The first thing that came to my mind in DKPOPNEWS makeover is template. Since this is a new beginning not only to me, but also DKPOPNEWS, i went for a simple, back to basic design. I want our readers to read news comfortably, without much burden, feeling better reading some really interesting KPop news. Then i lessen the ads on DKPOPNEWS which causes the site to load like a heavy dinosaur, discuss with our writers to produce more interesting stories (based on fact of course) for the new beginning

Future plan
Of course, we're now starting things again, challenges await, besides providing readers a decent place to get KPop updates, i will ensure that our team members will get the reward they deserve, instead of being their boss, i will work hard with them to march forward, to become an even better team in the KPop news industry, of course without all your support, we won't go far, hopefully we can have your continuous support throughout the journey!


Please continue to love us!

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