Absentee Lay is laughed at for his appearance at EXO's showcase

Looks like we have a very persistent absentee member here making his way to have his presence felt at EXO's comeback showcase for 'EXODUS' happening today.

Lay, who's according to Suho has a filming schedule at the moment in China cannot be present at their showcase today so instead, he literally insists members by demanding a phone call while (delusionally) saying "Call me baby", and thus we have a video call all the way from China at an instant.

Through the phone, Lay is very sorry and expresses that he badly wants to see his fans personally. He also promises to show his perfect image for this comeback so anticipate that.

However, poor Lay, members just laugh it all of no matter how much he tried to have a presence in the press conference. What's so funny boys?  These boys are so mischievous and very close! Come back quickly Lay and get back at them! No worries EXO-Ls, we're seeing the 10 boys in their comeback stage at  M!Countdown on April 2nd. For the meantime, enjoy the mean yet loving members below: