ZE:A's Siwan to hold solo Asian Fanmeeting Tour

ZE:A's Siwan is holding his solo Asian Fanmeeting Tour to meet his fans.

Star Empire announces on 10th that Siwan is commencing his Asian Fanmeeting Tour in Tokyo, Japan on March 7.

In addition to that, another tour is going to take placein Shanghai on March 15, followed by another one in Seoul on 21, to meet his domestic fans. The Asian Fanmeeting Tour continues in Hong Kong on 28 and in Guangzhou on April 18. Finally on May 2, he is going to wrap up his tour with a fanmeeting in Taiwan.

This is Siwan's first solo Asian Tour so fans could anticipate a lot from the idol turned actor. He plans to give fans memorable moments at the fanmeeting to repay for their love and support.

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