YG says Big Bang's new album might come out earlier than planned

Big Bang's comeback is getting near!

A rep from YG Entertainment told Star News on February 10th,"Big Bang already took the grasp of the new album as the members have been going to the company building to work on the new album since the beginning of February".

They continued,"Despite being busy with their individual overseas schedules, they are all putting so much work on the preparations of the new album. Because there are already some works done during their spare time, so the chance of the new album being released earlier than planned is gradually increasing".

According to the rep, the album is scheduled to come out as early as before this summer,"Big Bang's new album is our top priority right now, because wel know how long the fans have been waiting for their new album","The final result is high-quality and it's coming out well".

Are you excited for Big Bang's comeback?