Taecyeon reveals 2PM is working on the comeback album and tour

2PM's Taecyeon unveils his stylish image through the latest photoshoot for KWAVE magazine, as well as the group's comeback plan and tour for 2015.

Taecyeon said during his interview with the magazine,"I plan to focus on 2PM activities for the first half of this year. We are currently preparing for the new album and tour. Also just like last year, I'm thinking of acting in a new production in the second half of this year. Although it's still undecided but I hope I can meet a good production."

He also commented on his appearance on tvN's 'Three Meals a Day',"I think it was fun. Although it was hard because of the physical labor and working in an unfamiliar enviroment, but I was conforted after watching it on broadcast".

Check out the photos below