Tablo reveals Epik High's 'Fly' was meant as a debut song for Park Shin Hye

Tablo reveals an untold story behind their song 'Fly'.

On February 4th, SALTNPAPER guested on MBC FM4U 'Tablo's Dreaming Radio' where they had a phone call to Park Shin Hye.  The actress said,"I saw SALTNPAPER's performance for the first time at Lee Seung Hwan's concert. I like his music and enjoy listening to it so I'm happy that I was able to feature in his new song. I worried that people would comment that I can't sing".

When Tablo asked Park Shin Hye if she would release an album in the future, she responsed,"Are you going to write me a song?", which made he said,"'Fly' from Epik High's debut album was originally made for Park Shin Hye as her debut song upon Lee Seung Hwan's request. But after we made it, it was so good that we ended up including it in our album".

Meanwhile SALTNPAPER released new single 'Perfect' featuring Park Shin Hye on February 4th. The song was written by Tablo.