Se7en and YG Entertainment revealed to not renew their contract together

Se7en and YG Entertainment say farwell to each other as both sides decided to not renew their contract together.

According to various reports on February 25th, Se7en and YG Entertainment decided that they won't be renewing their contract. They have been discussing about the matter over the past months ever since Se7en's military discharge in December of 2014, and they agreed that not renewing the contract would be the best option to both sides.

An official said,"As Se7en is current without an agency, it seems YG is looking after him after his military discharge. Since they are not his agency anymore, they won't be able to do it openly, so it seems they are helping him from the back".

About Se7en's future activities, a rep stated,"He has been on vacations and getting a lot of rest. Because he has been through a lot recently, I think he needs to rest a little more. He still has no plans to find another agency".