Park Hyo Shin to postpone the release of his new single 'Shine Your Light'

Park Hyo Shin's February comeback has been postponed.

According to multiple officials, the release of Park Hyo Shin's 3rd single album 'Shine Your Light' has been postponed indefinitely. It was said that the process was almost completed but the singer reportedly decided to do an additional work to improve the song's quality.

Previously Jellyfish Entertainment announced that Park Hyo Shin would be the first artist to come out in 2015, but since the finish work for 'Shine Your Light' has been prolonged, VIXX naturally became the starter of Jellyfish Entertainment for 2015 with 'Boys' Record'.

In particular, Park Hyo Shin already performed the song at his 15th anniversary live tour 'Happy Together' and fans have been flooding with inquiries about the release of the song after the tour.