MC Mong to release a new mini album in March without any promotions

MC Mong will make his return to the music industry with a new mini album this March!

Dream Tea Entertainment announced on February 9th,"MC Mong will release new music on March 2nd. The new music is able to come out due to the great love that fans gave him through the release of his 6th album last year".

A rep stated,"Just like the 6th album, MC Mong will continue communicating with the fans through his music and there is no plans for broadcasting activities or performances. The album will be released as a mini album and he is currently working on the songs".

MC Mong's 6th album 'Miss Me or Diss Me' came out in November 2014 and all the songs immediately swept all the online music charts just shortly after the release.

Are you excited for MC Mong's comeback?