Kim So Eun and Son Ho Jun spotted in a late night date

THE FACT releases photos of their featured couple today and they are We Got Married's Kim So Eun and singer turned actor So Ho Jun (Reply 1994).

According to THE FACT, they have obtained information about the two since last month when Son Ho Jun (31) visited Kim So Eun's (26) mother who is admitted to a hospital in Gangnam-Gu, Seoul. The actor has shown affection and sympathy to So Eun.

In addition to that, THE FACT spotted the two having a late night date on 7th after Ho Jun had picked So Eun up at her house in Hannam-dong. Ho Jun and So Eun then went to a French restaurant in Gangnam and enjoyed chatting and drinks together for 3 hours.

The site also described that the two were very cautious of the surroundings and maintained space to each other before getting on the car.

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