Jackson confesses he sees Youngji as a woman ever since they first met

GOT7 Jackson and KARA's Youngji must be the trending idol pair these days despite of both denying any affection to each other.

However, in the latest episode of 'Weekly Idol' wherein Big Byung and ChamSoNyeo guested together, Jackson made a confession during their lie detector game.

Defconn asked Jackson, "Among Roommates, do you like Youngji the most?" Jackson clarified what kind of like, and the host answered 'just like'. In response to this, Jackson directly said, 'Yes' arguing that it could come out as 'lie' but it's a 'truth' instead and created a teasing celebratory atmosphere at the set.

Jackson then got another follow up question, "When did you see Youngji as a woman?" in which he replied, "Honestly? Since the first time we met," and even cringed at his own words.

Shall we root for this pair?