IU and Lee Hyun Woo show their chemistry together for 'UNIONBAY'

Casual brand 'UNIONBAY' has unveiled more photos featuring IU and Lee Hyun Woo for the Spring 2015 collection.

The pictorial was taken following the theme 'IU X HYUNWOO: UNIONBAY LIFE', which show the two stars dressing in comfortable and mix-and-match wears, completing a pefect daily look.

A rep from 'UNIONBAY' said,"After being the models for 2011 and 2014, IU and Lee Hyun Woohave signed with us again for 2015. The news of them becoming the models has gathered much interest from the fans and they were even given the name as 'WooYoo Couple'(Milk Couple)".

Check out for more photos below.