Happy birthday to JYJ's Jaejoong

Name: Kim Jaejoong (김재중)
Birthday: 26 January 1986 (Registered) | 04 February 1986 (Actual)
Place of birth: Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea
Education: Kyung Hee University
Label: C-Jes entertainment
Group: JYJ
Position: Lead Vocalist, Visual
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Singing
Hobbies: Playing computer games, Listening to music, Playing the piano, Composing, Cooking
Twitter:  @bornfreeonekiss
Instagram: bornfreeonekiss2

- He is a member of the  JYJ (2010-Present) and one of the original members of TVXQ (2003-2010).
- He is known for her good-looking face
- He has a solo career
- He is regard as a successful idol-turn-actor.
- He was born Han Jaejun, but at a young age his biological mother gave him up for adoption and he was then adopted by the Kims' and changed his name to Kim Jaejoong
-He is good friends with BoA, SS501's Hyunjoong, Super Junior's Heechul, B2ST's Junhyung, and M.Pire's Lumin