Gummy & actor Jo Jung Seok revealed to be in a relationship for 2 years

Singer Gummy and actor Jo Jung Seok are happily dating for two years. The two have developed feelings for each other with love for music as their foundation, after being introduced to each other by their acquaintances.

Jo Jung Seok is a musical theater actor who rose to fame after appearing in 2012 movie 'Architecture 101'. His latest musical 'Blood Brothers' last year was also a hit.

On the other hand, Gummy has been recognized in the music industry as a diva for 10 years. Her vocal and emotional singing has always been exceptional.

Jung Seok and Gummy's close friends would describe their relationship as "The first friends who become lovers after being interested to each other at first sight."

The two are supporting each other's activities. Congratulations on your celebrated relationship!