GOT7's Jackson reveals his dating status & how he handles 'fart' situation

GOT7 Jackson is appearing on virtual dating program JTBC's 'Dating Alone' which will air on 14th.

During the interview, Jackson is asked if he has a girlfriend. He answered, "Currently I can't date because I made a promise with my agency and JYP hyung." Host Jang Dong Min followed up," Even if you find a girl you like, you still won't date?" Jackson replied, "I cannot date. If you ask why, because I made a promise."

In addition to that, Jackson also answered an interesting question about proper behavior in front of a girl. He was asked what would he do if he felt like farting in which Jackson frankly answered, "Just ppang! Do it. Rather than trying hard to look good to anyone, I'd rather show my true self."

The host questioned, "If your girlfriend farts what would you think?" Jackson amusingly replied, "I think it's pretty. If she doesn't say sorry it's alright. I don't mind the smell too."

Jackson's appearance on JTBC's 'Dating Alone' airs on February 14 at 11PM KST.