GnG Production denies the discord between Dohee and Tiny-G

Ealier today on February 10th, Ilgan Sports released an exclusive report stating that Tiny-G's Dohee had
been refusing to participate in her group' activities and she only wanted to pursue her acting career from now on. However, GnG Production came out denying the claims and said there was no discord between the member and the group is just on a hiatus.

A rep from GnG Production told Osen on February 10th,"It's true that the group' activities have been halted temporally but the group is not officially disbanded","The Thai members Mint and J.Min are currently working in Thailand while Dohee plans to focus on acting for the time being".

The rep continued,"It's true that it's difficult to maintain the team because there was no significant progress during their domestic promotions. We have stopped their activities in Korea but the two members wanted to promote in Thailand so they will continue being active","Dohee could not join them due to her drama and movie schedules in Korea and for the time being, the two members will be active in Thailand while Dohee will focus on her career in Korea".

"We were taken aback by the article while the girls are currently working hard. It hasn't been decided when Tiny-G will resume their activities in Korea, but it's more correct to say they are temporally suspended for now rather than disbanded".