FT ISLAND's Hongki clarifies the misundestanding regarding his solo album rumour

Hongki assures fans regarding the rumour of him going solo in the near future.

He updated his Twitter on February 16th,"It seems all the confusion came out because of the talks of a solo album...It's not yet confirmed but if it was, rather than causing damage to ftisland, I will do it in a way so that it will benefit the group. Don't worry!!".

Along with the message, he uploaded along a photo of his wrist in black and white with 'FT ISLAND' written on it.

Earlier today, there was a report staying that FT ISLAND's Hongki and CNBLUE's Jonghyun will be the next artists from FNC Entertainment to go solo this year following Yonghwa. However with Hongki's clarification, it seems we will have to wait for further infor from the agency.