EXID's agency denies malicious rumours regarding Hani

EXID's Hani has been the talk of the town recently as her name was brought up in a rumour mill regarding sexual affair with a middle-aged married actor. However, Yedang Entertainment has come out and denied all the claims.

An agency rep told the press on February 17th,"At first we didn't take it seriously since those are just absurd rumours but we have learned that many people have known about it. We want to state once more that the rumours regarding Hani are totally groundless and we will respond with strong action to those who spread this gossip".

The original rumour mill revealed that a female idol group member, who has just recently gained fame, has been involved in a sexual affair with a married man who is a top middle-aged actor. Due to EXID's rise in popularity thanks to 'Up & Down' which gained them many wins on music shows, Hani was mentioned as a potential name to the rumour.