[Breaking] 'Baby KARA's Sojin reported to have passed away from apparent suicide

It was reported that DSP Media's trainee Sojin, who was a member of 'Baby KARA', has been found dead yesterday.

It was revealed that she was found lying unconsious on a flower bed in a garden of an apartment building in Daejeon, Daedeok-gu by a passerby at 2:07 PM KST on February 24th. She was immediately transfered to a nearby hospital but it couldn't save her life.

According to Daejeon Dongby Police Station, she might have jumped from the 10th floor of the apartment building to commit suicide. No suicide note has been found either.

Sojin spent 5 years under DSP Media as a trainee and she made it into the TOP 4 of 'Kara Project'. She was reportedly to have suffered from depression recently.

DSP Media also told 10asia that Sojin ended her contract with the agency one month ago.

We offer our deepest condolences to Sojin' family and all her loved ones. May she rest in peace.