AOA becomes the new models for Smart Bike's 'Black Cat'

AOA has been chosen as the new advertising models for bicycle brand Smart Bike.

On February 3rd, FNC Entertainment revealed that AOA will be endorsing for Smart Bike's new bicycle line 'Black Cat', which is the new sentimental model with reasonable prices and stylish designs for people who enjoy a creative life.

A rep from Smart Bike said,"AOA has been receiving much love from many people of all ages, also their positive and youthful charms fit well with the image of 'Black Cat', so they were selected as our new models","After we created the 'Black Cat' model, AOA came out with their song 'Like A Cat' with a cat concept, which is by change matched with our image".

With their rising popularity, AOA has been selected as advertising models for over 10 brands from cosmetics, sneakers, nails polish to chicken within a year.