Alleged ghost from Teen Top photos uncovered

The alleged ghost appeared in the photos of Teen Top members during their support visit for Niel, which became a trending topic has finally uncovered.

During the latest episode of SBS's Midnight TV Entertainment, the truth behind the 'ghost by the window' has been uncovered. In response to the eerie reaction of netizens, they phoned a staff from the studio to confirm about the alleged ghost.

She laughed and revealed that the 'ghost' was a 'Perriot' prop used for Block B's 'Jackpot' MV. Niel was also asked about the photo and mischievously answered after taking a look, "This friend was in there? Ah Block B hyungs, please clean your set," and brought laughter.

Niel also apologized to the fans for the creepy reactions it created. Don't worry now!