4Minute shows their strong and fierce image for Cosmopolitan

4Minute impresses everyone with their charisma aura in the latest pictorial for the March issue of Cosmopolitan.

Dressing in sporty revealing outfits and matching them with smoky and thick make-up, the members were able to showcase their chic and sexy yet fierce charms.

Member Jihyun said during the interview,"For the past two years, I think the image we have shown was more like 'friendly unnies' rather than 'strong female warriors', so it felt a little different when we changed back to the strong image for this album".

When they were asked about the secrect behind their teamwork, they said,"Eating? We eat really well and we food around each other like guys do". The members also talked about their close friendship as they often go to the movies together or enjoy cooking for each other at home.

The full pictorial will be featured in Cosmopolitan's March issue.