YG says iKON is currently working on their debut song with no break

YG once again assures fans that iKON's debut will coming out soon as they are currently working on it with full force.

A high rep from YG Entertainment told Star News,"iKON members have been directly devoting themselves in the recording studio working on songs and have come out to the company without a day off everyday lately. They are putting as much effort as they are preparing for their formal debut into the music making".

The rep also stated that,"Relating to iKON's debut song, there will be good news soon", hinting that the group's debut is just around the corner.

YG originally planned for iKON to make their debut in January, but as the members are working hard on the songs making so it's been analyzed that it will be hard to debut this month. However, since YG has stated that good news will come out soon, fans should be getting ready cause we don't know exactly when the boys will drop a surprise on us.