SM Entertainment clarifies that the lineup information for the first half of 2015 wasn't leaked

SM Entertainment has officially commented on the supposed lineup list for the first half of 2015 which has been circulating online recently.

A skateholder from SM Entertainment told Osen on Jannuary 3rd,"The circulated online lineup information regarding SM artists for the first half of 2015 wasn't leaked from the inside of the agency".

For those who still have no idea about this, there was a list which revealed the comebacks and debuts schedules for SM artists from January to June this year. Many fans are starting to believe that the lineup might be legit as it included the infor regarding SHINee's Jonghyun's solo debut in January, which has turned out true. However, SM Entertainment has come out and stated that it wasn't an official list as well as it wasn't leaked from an internal source.

Meanwhile, SHINee's Jonghyun will make his solo debut with 1st mini album 'BASE' on January 12th.