Nam Sang Mi releases photos from her private wedding

Nam Sang Mi shows an unchanging beauty in the photos from her private wedding ceremony.

The wedding was taken place at a church in Yangpyung,Gyeonggi-do, Seoul on January 24th. The ceremony was held in private with the attendance of families and close friends from both sides.

The groom's identity hasn't been revealed yet up until now. He's only known as a normal businessman who runs his own business. He met with Nam Sang Mi in 2013 through an introduction of an acquaintance and they have been in a relationship since then.

JR Entertainment said,"Nam Sang Mi received a lot of love and blessing from her family and friends, and warmly finished her wedding on the 24th. She will raise a happy family as well as continue showing a better side of herself as an actress, so please give her a lot of your blessing".