Lee Kwang Soo gathers more than 2000 fans at his fan signing event in Vietnam

'Asia's Prince' Lee Kwang Soo shows his hugh popularity in Vietnam.

Lee Kwang Soo visited Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam on January 24th to attend a Café Bene store opening ceremony, following by a fan signing event for fans.

Thanks to his high popularity which he has gained from 'Running Man', it become a hot topic among local fans ever since the news that the star would come and visit Vietnam released. It was revealed that more than 2000 fans gathered at the scene to see Lee Kwang Soo from early morning which caused the roads to be heavily paralized. To secure the situation, over 100 police and secutiry personnel were mobilized.

An official said,"Actor Lee Kwang Soo, who has received much popularity in Southest Asia including Vietnam, attended the cutting ceremony and fan signing event. More fans gathered at the scene than we expected, causing us to once again realized the high popularity of Hallyu star Lee Kwang Soo".

Lee Kwang Soo is currently busy with various promotions overseas and is expected to meet the audience through new movie 'Mutant' this year.