Jun Hyun Moo denies his dating rumour with Yang Jung Won

Jun Hyun Moo has officially denied his relationship rumour with Yang Jung Won.

Recently a netizen posted a capture of the stickers of Jun Hyun Moo and Yang Jung Won on an online community board and stated that those were picked up about a month ago. Also as the caption on the stickers say,"70 days since we started dating", many people have been speculated that the two might be dating each other.

Despite the obvious proof, Jun Hyun Moo came out and denied his relationship rumour. A rep from SM C&C stated on January 25th,"It's true that Jun Hyun Moo and Yang Jung Won got close during their broadcast activities, but they are not lovers".

The two first met each other through JTBC's 'Love Synchro'. Yang Jung Won also confessed that she's a big fan of Jun Hyun Moo at that time.