Hyeri expresses, 'I want to be reborn as a male idol'

Girl's Day Hyeri makes a very interesting comment at the recently concluded '4th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards'.

Hyeri and Super Junior Leeteuk served as the MCs of the night. After EXO were presented their 'Fan Vote Popularity' award and received applause during their performance, Hyeri expressed, "In the next life, I want to be reborn as a male idol."

Co-host Leeteuk responded to her amusing remarks, "You want to be reborn as a man? But Hyeri's appearance now is the most beautiful." Hyeri then thanked Leeteuk for the flattering comment.

Can you imagine Hyeri as a male idol? Meanwhile, check the list of winners from the '4th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards HERE.