Han Ye Seul thanks her boyfriend Teddy at '2014 SBS Drama Awards'

Han Ye Seul openly expresses her affection towards her boyfriend during her speech at '2014 SBS Drama Awards'.

The actress said after receiving the Excellence Award at the awards show which took place on December 31st,"As an actress, I don't know when I would be proud of my acting. But it's always a good thing to receive awards. I thank my 'Birth of a Beauty' family today while I came back from filming today. I am thankful that they always love and treat me warmly on the filming set. I am not scared of being on a set"

She continued,"I thank my mother who is watching over me in the United States and also my Keyeast family. Lastly, I want to say how much I love my dear and longing boyfriend Teddy. We loved so much this year and let's love each other even more next year", and ended her speech with a kissing sound.

We wish you and your boyfriend a happy and lasting love life Han Ye Seul!