FNC Entertainment CEO reveals more plans for CNBLUE's Yonghwa's upcoming solo debut

FNC Entertainment CEO Han Sung Ho keeps fans excited by revealing more specific plans for CNBLUE's Yonghwa's upcoming solo activities in January.

On January 1st, he posted a message on FNC Entertainment's homepage in which he stated that Yonghwa is currently preparing for his solo album which is set to released in mid-January. He wrote,"I think it will be a high-quality album with every song is as good as you expected. In particular, Jung Yonghwa collaborated with various artists for this album so we're confident that it will give a great joyment to the fans".

He continued,"After Yonghwa's solo album promotions end, there are plans for Yonghwa's solo tour not only in Korea but also around Asia. We ask for a lot of interest and support for Yonghwa who will be taking on a new challenge, so that he will be able to showcase his talents".

Are you excited for Yonghwa's solo debut?