Clara is ordered to halt activities in South Korea

In the midst of controversies, Clara is ordered by the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) on 28th to refrain from doing her entertainment activities in South Korea.

Clara is facing a complicated contract dispute against her agency, Polaris Entertainment, after she accused the CEO of sexual harassment. In contrary to the situation, KEMA has released their official statement regarding the controversial issue.

KEMA pointed out that despite the result of investigation hasn't been released yet, Clara is already receiving backlash from the public rather than sentiment, which they deemed as a bigger issue. Moreover, the subject of sexual humiliation in her complaint is a very sensitive issue that could damage the wholesome and ethical entertainment industry of the country.

KEMA also stated that Clara doesn't seem to be behaving properly and does not display self-discipline despite the public's criticism towards her, who is the first-hand involved party.

Thus, to refrain from creating bigger issues that would generate greater public criticisms, Clara is ordered to halt her entertainment activities in South Korea until the result of the investigation is released.