ZE:A's Kwanghee says he's just broke up with his girlfriend recently?

It seems Kwanghee just got his slip of the tongue moment about his private love life.

During the broadcast of SBS's 'Star King' on December 13th, a contestant showcased his sushi making skill. As everyone in the guest panel was fighting each other to try the sushi, in order to win their sympathy, Kwanghee suddenly blurt out,"I just broke up yesterday", which surprised everyone at the set.

Upon realizing his 'mistake', Kwanghee immediately stood up and begging Kang Ho Dong,"Please edit this out! I don't need to eat anymore! I'm full!", but he still got the chance to try the sushi at the end. The taste of the sushi seemed too good which made him said,"It seems I have to find my girlfriend again".