Yoon Sang to release new album 'The Duets Part 1' on December 11th

Yoon Sang will release the first part of his new album 'The Duets' on December 11th.

According to OdeInc. on December 8th, Yoon Sang's album 'The Duets Part 1' will be released at midnight on December 11th through various online music sites, while the physical release will be on the 12th. The album will feature guest male vocalists such as Infinite's Sunggyu, Davink and Tim, raising the expectation of music fans towards the album even more.

Yoon Sang previously pre-released 'Waltz' featuring Davink on November 28th. In particular, the track in which Sunggyu featured is called 'RE: To Me', which is a song about the 'current me' sending an encourage messege to the 'former me'. Yoon Sang will be the 'current me' while Sunggyu will sing as the 'former me'.

In addition, Yoon Sang will hold 'Winter Night's Scenery' concert from December 12th to 14th at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall.