Sung Si Kyung and Ailee to pair up for SBS year-end festival

Ballad singer Sung Si Kyung and powerful vocalist Ailee will have a collaboration stage for SBS’s upcoming year-end K-pop festival.

Sung Si Kyung is well known for his emotional voice, while Ailee is a powerful female singer with an expansive vocal range. the information is getting high expectation among music fans. 

Ailee used to be featured in “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” one of the tracks included in Sung Si Kyung’s recent album “Winter Wonderland” but they never perform together.

During a recent press event prior to the release of “Winter Wonderland,” Sung Shi Kyung praised Ailee’s vocals, saying, “I love her voice. I thought her voice would be similar to that of Park Jung-hyun, but her tone and voice was much deeper than I expected. She sings like an African-American singer.” 

Do you expect their performance?