SHINee's Minho posts up his birthday message

SHINee's Minho celebrated his birthday yesterday, December 9, with his members and he expressed his feelings through a birthday post he made through their official website.

Happy Birthday, Minho

I'm the happiest in the world. Although I'm embarrassed to tell this to the members, I really thank and love you. Really thank you to manager hyungs and staff who help me.

For our fans who always there beside me... our Shawols... really thank you from my heart
Thank you for giving me this happiness..... I will not forget this.... never will.... I must be the most blessed in the world...

Also to the people who brought me out to this world and raised me, my mother and father, thank you very much, I love you both. Hyung as well~ you're the best! I will become a son who won't be shy~~
And lastly, everyone really thank you and more thank you....
I love you.... love you........

Belated happy birthday Minho!