SHINee encouters and takes photos with Jack Black at airport

SHINee is one of the lucky people that has the chance to encounter and even took photos with Hollywood star Jack Black at airport.

On December 5th, Jonghyun updated his Twitter,"Hul I saw Jack Black at the airport.....................","He asked me if I was a rock star and we started talking then he told me he was a rock star's Jack....are you Jack?!? oOo?!?!?!?!? Jack Black!?! School of Rock?!?!?!? I didn't even expect that.....He said he's having a concert in Korea!! 1".

Onew later also uploaded a photo of him with his members Jonghyun, Minho with Jack Black and tweeted,"21...........!!!!!!!!!!!!", which fans assumed that he was using '21' as in referred to the casino card game 'blackjack' which sounds similar to the star's name.