SHINee are the new face of 'The SAEM'

Korean cosmetic brand 'The SAEM' has unveiled idol group SHINee as their 2015 endorser and released a promotional image.

According to 'The SAME', "We picked a model who would be able to relay the brand's message with the concept of eco-friendly to our consumers all over the world. Therefore, we chose SHINee to take in charge with their bright and energetic image.

SHINee will engage in the domestic and global advertisements of 'The SAEM" as it's global eco star. In fact, last weekend, SHINee already participated in the pictorial shoot as the new models after their overseas schedule. Despite that, the boys had shown bright and lively atmosphere in the studio and showed curiosity and interest to the brand's products.

Meanwhile, 'The SAEM' is releasing making film of the said pictorial to commemorate SHINee as its newest endorser.